Blockchain sustainable, using renewable energy to mine crypto currencies

Bitminer Factory idea dates back to November 2016, and our progress since then has been huge, with our first mining factory, now the largest in italy, completed and fully operational since April this year, after twelve months of hard work and dedicated refinements. We started with the idea of following the cryptocurrency wave, and we have ended up being at the forefront of innovation in the field, leading the way to a sustainable process for mining cryptocurrencies. Some publications are starting to suggest that renewable energies are the future of cryptocurrency mining, and we will be among the first in realizing such a dream.

Bitminer Factory’s startup aims to use renewable energy for mining, rather than the electricity-draining methods presently involved in the industry. This change makes blockchain a more sustainable technology, and will profit enthusiasts, miners, and other types of investors in crypto. They presently have 100,000,000 to sell.


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The Blockchain revolution made sustainable by Renewable Energy with  An experienced Team.

Our property determination is predicated on four key columns

1. Conferred utilization of unpolluted vitality:

We tend to promise to utilize Associate in the Nursing progressively higher amount of vitality from clean power sources, as hydro and star plants. we will put our decentralized portable cultivating instrumentality going to eco-accommodating sources, radically decreasing the quantity of dioxide we may require in the event that we have a tendency to utilized antiquated vitality plants;

2. Apply of something else squandered vitality:

Vitality plants wherever the globe, either inexhaustible or not, commonly have vitality left that is not utilized and goes to squander. we’ve begun associations that empower the North American nation to spigot into these vitality sources, limiting the prerequisite of assembling further vitality for our mining capacities, profiting the air while conceding the North American nation a lower-cost control supply;

3. Adaptability through portable mining units:

Our mining units will be essentially enthusiastic around (consider them “on-the-wheels” self-governing registering holders), in this way it’ll be direct for North American nation to accomplish the plants that have the plain best extra ability every once in a while, or new by configuration designed inexhaustible power plants;

4. Expansion through Renewable Energy in addition to proprietorship:

They’ll reinforce our situation to understand our objectives. With a half-hour of the result of the ICO, exceptional $20M, we will contribute straightforwardly inside the development of Solar/Hydroelectric power plants. The 100 percent perfect and sustainable power source result will be acclimated specifically control our mining instrumentality. Vitality comes ar capital escalated and need a major scale: consequently, we have a tendency to chose to take a situation in Energy comes exclusively past the $20M check, as yet keeping up our pledge to a greener mining determination if the result will be underneath $20M. Owning specially crafted inexhaustible power plants can empower the North American nation to acknowledge even lower power cost for our tasks, extraction every one of the middle people between vitality creation and use. in addition, we will be prepared to pitch vitality to the national network, creating a further, stable stream of benefits, to be utilized for our token-holder and for reinvestment in our activities.


The token (BMF) is an ERC-20 token in light of the ethereal Blockchain. Up to 100 Million BMF is intended to be sold amid the ICO which would accompany a 20% reward on each buy from May 25, 2018, to June 20, 2018. The rewards will lessen moderately as the ICO stages advance until the point that the Hard-top Reached. Acknowledged installment strategies incorporate = BTC, ETH, and EURO.

Stage Ethereum

Acknowledged ETH, BTC

Begin date-Jul 21, 2018

End date — Sep 30, 2018

Token price-1 Bitminer Factory = 1.0000$

Discharged tokens-0

Soft cap-500 000$

Hard cap-100 000 000$

Insignificant sum — 0 BITMINER FACTORY



  •  Hold It & Receive Yearly Payouts in Cryptos and benefit from AIM Listing.


  • Trade It trade your BMF on Buy Back Plan Exchanges.

  • Sell it Back to Us play it safe with our Buy Back Plan


The yearly return you can expect will depend on the price that BTC will reach. Input the amount of BMF you want to purchase and your BTC price hypothesis to find out how much you will be making by using our Mining Operations and Services





We are running over 1000 Miners in our Mining Farm and in 3 Mobile Mining Units in Calenzano (Florence, Italy),
powered by 1.2 MW and 20 Full Time Team members.


Bitminer will operate in 3 Countries

  • ITALY  
    • Italian Engineering, Management & Quality
    • Developed and stable Economy Co-location with Biomass and Hydro Power Plants
    • Financial Services expertise
    • Crypto-friendly regulatory environment
    • Friendly, rapidly growing country in Balkan Europe
    • Fixed local currency to EUR exchange rate
    • Cheap Electricity Prices (0.05€/kWh)
    • Availability of Hydro and Solar Projects


By purchasing BMF tokens with ETH or BTC you are entitled to use our Mining Assets and Services and receive your part of the cryptos generated by the Mining Operation. Now 12% Discount and the ICO ending date is  Sep 30, 2018. The ICO Token price is 1$. So this is the best time to buy this token who are interested for Mining here.



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