CoinStarter Coins Review. Collect your free 10 CoinStarter Coins.

The CoinStarter Free Tokens Giveaway

CoinStarter could be a legitimate and powerful platform. However, the free token sale has caused many people to be skeptical. The website is currently advertising 10 free tokens to all new members. Based on the value listed on the official website, that’s a total of about $50 USD worth of tokens.

I think it’s genuine, and I have tokens in my account. Whether they’re worth $200 though is another matter. They’re not tradeable as yet.

Collect Your Free Coin:


Businefy & CoinStarter is partner  

A CoinStarter company.

The only software you’ll ever need.

Businefy and CoinStarter unites.
Our goal is to help entrepreneurs grow their businesses.
We aim to integrate blockchain technology under all aspects of Businefy services, becoming the first blockchain based SaaS software for small teams and the enterprise.
As the first step towards the transition onto the blockchain, Businefy adopted CoinStarter’s technology to allow the use of our services by using CoinStarter Coins.
You can transfer CoinStarter Coins onto your Businefy wallet and use it throughout the Businefy ecosystem.

My Opinion

At the moment they aren’t asking peoples to deposit money.
Scam or not, you still can claim some free tokens, even if they become worthless, I’m not worry to try.
1. I think the giveaway was only for the first x sign-ups. Can’t remember how many, but it was low. Might have been first 10.
2. Looks clean to me, too. Also nothing shows up on my virus scanners.
3. Possible I suppose.
4. Yes. I think this is very likely.


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