A Global Platform for Investors and Decentralized Investment Funds “NOUS”

Creating decentralized investment and Crypto assets platform.

“NOUS” A Global Platform for Investors and Decentralized Investment Funds

Blokchain sets new trends in the investment sphere. The Nousplatform project has created a blockchain-based platform that allows investors and investment funds for a reliable and transparent interaction. It is planned that due to the innovative approach the issues, such ascapital raising, transparency of exchange, decentralized and safe storage of assets will be solved. The project launched the pre-sale of NOUS tokens and it will last until December 25. Investors can purchase 8,000 NOUS tokens for 1 ETH. As experts note, the use of blockchain and cryptocurrency can change the financial market, help create a new investment niche – tokenized assets and use them in the work of investment funds.

Pre-Sale is live now: https://nousplatform.com

Token Issuance Plan


70% sold in the token sale | 20% retained by Nousplatform | 5% Advisors, Grants, Partnerships | 3% Community | 2% to cover tokensale

Use of Proceeds


30% Technical development | 20% Legal Expenses and Licenses | 15% Marketing and Business Development | 15% Real Estate Fund | 15% Crypto Assets Fund | 5% Operational Expenses

 NST token growth factors

  • Limited Emission of the NST tokens
  • Demand for acquisition of the funds shares
  • Capital infusion of a new funds created on Nousplatform
  • Reserve of NST tokens for open-ended funds
  • Distribution of dividends for close-ended funds
  • Reserves for instant portfolio diversification
  • Tokens used as utility to buy services on Nousplatform
  • Demand for speculations

Advantages for fund managers


  • Technical framework for creating and managing investment funds on the blockchain
  • Possibility to issue funds tokens for interaction with investors
  • Possibility of tokenization of assets of the real economy
  • Automated reports of the fund’s performance
  • The possibility of dividends payouts
  • Automated calculation and payment of commissions to fund managers
  • Built-in Nousplatform investor’s community can participate in any fund built on Nousplatform

Advantages for the investors

  • Invest in the best performing funds based on Nousplatform
  • Limit your risks, by choosing top funds with different portfolios
  • Use blockchain-confirmed reports to analyze investment funds’ performance
  • Trade ETFs on decentralized nousplatformexchange

Transparency for the Investors

  • Reduction of the operating expenses
  • Elimination intermediaries
  • Risk diversification
  • Reduction of the fees
  • Increase in safety and security of the transactions
  • Reduction in deposit and withdrawal timeframe
  • Research based on honest, transparent data
  • Rating list of the best performing funds


April 2017

Idea creation, proof of concept

June 2017

Website launch, Nousplatformand Nousprotocol development. In-House Development Team

July of 2017

Publishing of the Whitepaper
Completion of technical documentation

September of 2017

PoC of the investor’s cold wallet for the storage of tokenized assets

November 2017

Pre-Sale to create a community of backers, that become potential investors on the platform

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