Lancer Network will attract real users to ICO | A decentralized freelance site for the advertising

A decentralized freelance site for the advertising and promotion

of crowdsale and blockchain projects.


The development of an associated community is the most important part of any cryptocurrency project. In fact, it is the community on which the success of the fundraising campaign depends. It is crucial to build a communication scheme in such a way that the users also communicate with each other, not just with the representatives of the company. A vibrant, active, and developing community inspires more confidence in the project. This means it can justify its investments. In addition, native advertising from live users is highly appreciated above spam and comments from bots. This factor can be effectively leveraged with the right strategy to add value to the community.

Lancer Network will attract real users to your ICO

  • Organic advertising and SMM from real users
  • Earnings in the industry of the blockchain without any investment
  • A convenient Human Resources hub for discovering qualified talent
  • Solutions for non-standard promotional tasks for crowdsale and blockchain projects

Wide Range of Services

Users can perform mass-liking, and mass following tasks on the Lancer platform. They can also write review articles about the project or even shoot a video. In this manner, the users will contribute value to the ecosystem, something that a software cannot execute.

Lower costs for advertising

The campaign promotion budget can cost up to hundreds of thousands dollars and even this may not suffice. With the help of Lancer Network’s services, users can themselves set the price and terms of the job. «Lancers», in turn, decide whether to accept or reject such requests as per their convenience.

Transparent Payment System

Lancer network follows a bulletproof payment system that cannot be cheated. The payment of the task is possible only after its execution, but tokens from the customer’s account are written off/released at the time of request formation. In this manner, this blockchain platform is accountable for fair payments to the parties involved in a transaction.

Convenience of System Management

Lancer ecosystem is a one-stop solution. One platform provides all the possible promotion and advertising services. From comments to profile forums to highquality analytical articles, and not to mention Twitter and Facebook.



  • Availability of work for individuals at any location in the world
  • Trustworthy and transparent payments system (Blockchain technology)
  • High-standard security protocols against third-party frauds
  • Quality and standard maintenance guidelines that have to be adhered
  • A hybrid platform, i.e., a combination of Centralized & Decentralized structures with full platform accountability


Comparison of Lancer Network With Others Platforms

At the moment, full analogue integration of Lancer Network in unavailable. There are separate services, however, that provide promotional services on social networks. But they do not have the same breadth of possibilities that can be achieved with a full analogue integration.

It should be noted that currently no project/platform caters to the needs of blockchain projects. The specificity of this industry requires the community’s involvement and activity on – a key forum for decentralized technologies. In addition, the presence should be indicated on Reddit and YouTube. Agencies can perform these tasks manually, however, it takes a long time to select performers/ promoters which is quite inconvenient. As a result, it turns out that the services for promoting fundraising campaigns are long, expensive and inconvenient due to the lack of automation.

Given so much interest in decentralization, it is necessary to understand that this niche must be filled with an interesting product that adds value for the businesses, ICO projects, and individual users.

A number of similar/Analogue models are already operating to cater to the freelance/Gigs market and the social media promotion sector. Take a look at the following;

Freelancer platform

  • is a digital services company based out of Sydney, Australia. It is a popular outsourcing, crowdsourcing, and freelancing online marketplace. it is estimated that $1.8B value of projects are present of this platform. It is present in 247 countries with 2 Million active workers/freelancers

Sprout social platform

  • Sprout Social is a social media promotion platform with enterprise and corporate solutions. Till date, more than 20,000 brands have engaged with them. However, they are not a crowdsourcing or an outsourcing platform, their core job is to promote businesses through social media channels like LinkedIn, FB, Instagram, etc

Ifluenz platform

  • Ifluenz is a platform that signs-up influencers, a.k.a individuals with large following on Instagram and leverage this list for brand promotion. they have 16,286 influencers signed-up till date and are expanding rapidly. Even though many other platforms are present that are working on a similar line of duty. However, none of them are focused on the ICOs and Blockchain enterprises. And, none of them are themselves based on the Blockchain technology. Imagine a platform that combines the best of both worlds. That translates into the Lancer Blockchain Network.

Basic Principles of Lancer Network

Lancer Network is a dashboard to search workers for different tasks. Our system uses completely new way of online work with fully automated & transparent distribution of payments to all the workers. It allows the customers to pooli-in multiple workers on similar types of tasks. Thereby, the tasks are executed faster and more efficiently. Also, the time required to calculate and handle payment transactions decreases. The payment is calculated instantly according to the following parameters:

  • Number of services in task
  • Payment allocated for each service
  • Priority in search
  • Fee

Users can view all the information about available and owned tasks on the personal dashboard. Also, the user remains in full control of their financial operations. For instance, they can;

  • Replenishment of internal account
  • Withdrawal of funds
  • Receipt of payments for assignments
  • Payment for assigned tasks

Lancer Network supports system of due-dates to make execution of all tasks faster. If a worker takes too long for completing a task, his/her own task is automatically closed. This action then frees the spot for other workers to execute the same task before a deadline. If customer checks tasks of workers, and takes too long to accept a task request, it automatically changes the status to ‘Accepted.’ This ensures a mutual work ethics balance between the customer and the task executor.





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