Safein ICO review | Safein is a blockchain-based single sign-on digital wallet.

Decentralized single sign-on blockchain based

ecosystem for your identity and payments

Simplifying online commerce for the better, for both customers and merchants.


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A revolutionary way to pay online

Get access to websites with a single click

Safein allows users to sign up and log in to new websites with one click. Forget tedious registrations and lost passwords. With your approval, we’ll deliver your data to new websites for you.

Control your data

With Safein, you’re always in control of what websites know about you. You can login online anonymously, or only share data the website really needs. A single click will revoke their access permanently. On our web panel and mobile app, you’ll see your entire activity history, including registrations, logins and payments.

Pay with fiat or cryptowith zero efforts

Once logged in with Safein, you’re also able to make payments without providing any extra information. Store your money in traditional currency or any crypto, and Safein will automatically convert and deliver funds in the merchant’s preferred way. Since every payment processed is within the boundaries of Safein, they’re instantaneous, secure and cheap.

Possible scale

Troubles of online commerceThe Safein solution
Separate account for each website>>Single account for any website
Repeated account verification>>One-off ID verification to cover all sites
High processing fees>>Low cost or free for token holders
Fraud and chargeback risk>>Risk-free payments
Excessive personal data mining>>Full control of your personal data

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Token model


ICO funds allocation
• Developing cryptocurrency wallet and payments functionality
• Obtaining the Electronic Money Institution licence
• Launching fiat deposits and merchant payments in EUR, GBP, USD
• Acquiring first 500 mid- to large-scale merchants
• Administrative, operational and staffing expenditures for 2 years
Safein token features
• 100% free payments for merchants who possess Safein tokens
• Monthly cashbacks for users paying with Safein tokens
• Login Pool to incentivize Safein use among users and websites
• Registration Pool to reward new users
• Referral Pool to grow user base rapidly

Project Team

Road map

2017 Q22018 Q3
The concept of Safein createdLaunching cryptocurrency wallet and payments
2017 Q4Registration Pool and Referral program launch
MVP with basic single-click login functionality2019 Q1
2018 Q1Obtaining EMI licence
Whitepaper release and ICO preparation2019 Q2
2018 Q2Launching fiat deposits and payment
ICO launch & Login Pool launch

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