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Universa Token Sale

During token sale, the price of the token climbs up every week. So make sure to grab it before it’s too hot! Right now 1UTN = $ 0.0115

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Faster Transactions.

Smarter Contracts.

Fully Customizable Blockchain


 Universa CEO 

Current Blockchains are broken (Problems):

  • Bitcoin and Ethereum blockchains are slow and expensive
  • Cost of transactions is high (and getting higher)
  • Speed of transactions is low
  • Bloat is huge (and getting bigger everyday)
  • Non-zero knowledge wallets for each transaction are required
  • Smart contracts are not very smart

Universa Blockchain for Business (Solution):

  • Simple protocol for creating your apps & blockchains
  • Cost of transactions is enormously low
  • Speed of transactions is high
  • Liquidity and smart contracts on Blockchain
  • No bloat

How can Universa benefit your business

Fast blockchain protocol


Low transaction cost


Light client for Android

Safe smart contracts language


Fully decentralized



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